My name is Ludmil Kazakov and I am dedicated to producing high quality professional videos. I am an optimist and a positive human being which I believe is a great benefit to my personal and professional life.  I strive on perfection and pay great attention to detail. I am extremely flexible and comfortable working in any environment, in a team or independently. I do have great life as well as work values, which I am proud of.

After growing up in Northern California and graduating from SFSU, in 2008, I moved to Europe where I worked as a segment producer for HDNews, a TV station based in New York. I was given a camera and a laptop and my duties were to research, cover, direct and film interesting stories and people. My stories were uploaded and broadcasted nationwide on Dish Network. I also spent great amount of time as a Final Cut Pro Editor on Bulgaria's two biggest television series projects of all time, "Forbidden Love" (2009) and "Glass Home" (2010). The 298 series, "Forbidden Love", a Freemantle Media format project was the first major production in Bulgaria since the fall of Communism in 1989. "Glass Home", which aired on April 11th, 2010, quickly, became the most popular Bulgarian television series of all times and aired internationally in 4 countries. Its filming style with a single camera, Arriflex D21 resembles the work ethic and style of a major film production. On both projects, I edited full-length episodes and created weekly trailers working with rotating directors alongside major film and television producers in Bulgaria. Prior to returing to California in 2011, I edited 15 Behind the Scenes web episodes of Syfy original films that were shot in Bulgaria.

Since my return to California, I have worked as a freelance producer, editor and videographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the spring of 2012 I edited a 45 minute independent film "Cognition". In April 2012, I got the call to edit a feature film for 20th Century FOX. I co-edited "Wrong Turn 5" working on the assembly cut on location and delivered a rough cut within 2 days of wrapping the shoot.

I am currently working on projects in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area and looking for my next oportunity. Having a Canon DSLR setup to film and two editing bays to edit, I am capable of producing high quality videos on a professional Hollywood level.

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